Translating .pac file

How to translate .pac file with TM-database?

Launch the TM-database tool and open a translation database file or create new one.


Select the database file and press Open


Select Translation in the Menu to open the translation window.

In opened window please select File->Open file in the Menu for open a source file.


Please select PAC (Screen Electronics) Files (*.pac) as File type, then select a File and press Open

All text strings will appears in the left column.

Press Pretranslate for translate with current database (TM)

Type your translation in the Translation column. You can use suggestions below (<Ctrl-1/2/3> keys) or translate with online translator (<Ctrl - T> key).

<Ctrl - B> copy from source
<Ctrl - T> translate with online translator
<Ctrl - F> search in local database or online dictionary/TM/terminology
<Ctrl - H> Find/Replace
<Ctrl - Enter> confirm pair
<Ctrl - S> save file
<Ctrl - I> insert symbol
<Ctrl - M> mark cell
<Shift- Enter> insert break line
<F7> spell check fuction


Please select File-> Save file in the Menu to save the file.


Note: You can confirm translated items by () and add them to translation database for using with next files.

Please select Add Checked Items to DB in the Menu to add these confirmed items to the opened translation database.

Please fill the necessary info, then press Add button