Translating many JavaScript .js files

How to translate many JavaScript .js files with TM-database?

Launch the TM-database utility and select File->Open Database for open a translation database file or File->New Database for create new one.


Select a database file and press Open


Select Translation in Menu for open the translation window.Translate window opens.

In opened window please select File->New Project for create a new project.


New project window opens

Please fill the necessary fields, then press Browse for find JavaScript folder


Browse Folder dialog opens

Select the folder with JavaScript files and press OK


Select the file extension as *.js, tick Find in Subdirectories and press Find Files for finding all js files in the selected folder and it's subfolders.


Found files appears in the list. Press OK for conftinue.


All text strings will appears in the left column.


Press Pretranslate for translate strings with current database (TM).


Type your translation in the Translation column. You can use suggestions below (<Ctrl-1/2/3> keys) and online translator (<Ctrl - T> key).

<Ctrl - B> copy from source
<Ctrl - T> translate with online translator
<Ctrl - F> search in local database or online dictionary/TM/terminology
<Ctrl - Enter> confirm pair
<Ctrl - S> save file
<Ctrl - I> insert symbol
<Ctrl -M> mark cell with color
<Shift- Enter> insert break line
<F7> spell check fuction


Select Menu->File-> Save file in Menu for save all files.


Note: You can confirm translated items click () and add them to translation database for using with next project.

Select Add Checked Items to DB in menu for add the confirmed item to opened translation database.


Please fill the necessary info, then press Add


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