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TM-database v1.83 Release

Download TM-database

TM-database 1.83 is now available. Before you download, please take this opportunity to support TM-database by making a donation today.

Extra modules

For advanced users, we offer the extra modules. This modules contains additional functions for TM-database.

What new

Added backup DB to server
Added "TM-database" item in the Windows Contents menu
Added "Skip hidden rows" when opening .xlsx file
Added marking hidden rows in .xlsx file by grey color
Fixed lost dot at the end of translated sentence
Fixed moved Icons in .inx (CS3/4) file
Fixed error in Google translator function
Fixed changing color from blue to green in CS4 InDesing file
Fixed missed link in .inx file
Fixed problem when opening other xml file*
Added hot key to mark text as Bold
Added hot key to mark text as Italic
Fixed Italic problem in .inx file
Fixed bug with long strings in .xml file
Added option to break tags in .xml/.smali files
Added checking for .inx files
Fixed problem with strange font in .inx file
Fixed problem with "<" symbol in .xml file
Fixed error in Yandex, Babylon, and Promt MT's
Added Khmer language
Fixed mess in .inx file that contains some rubbish
Fixed problem with special symbols [square] in .inx file
Fixed problem with question marks in .inx file
Added basic support for IDML files
Fixed error with skipping child text frame in IDML file
Fixed problem with removed sentences in Japanese .inx file
Added support inline Icons for IDML files
Fixed tag for Android .xml file
Removed tabs in middle of the sentence in IDML file
Added intend symbol before sentence that contains tab symbols
Added Dist online translator
Fixed Glosbe online TM
Added color changing function for IDML file
Added word replacement function
Fixed problem with IDML that has been converted from CS2
Fixed error with rename table
Added basic function to change Traditional Chinese to Simplified Chinese
Fixed Find in PDF function for IDML file
Fixed Japanese dot for IDML file
Added Project auto save function
Improved Search in PDF function
Added recovery 'q' symbol for IDML file
Added resize inline icons function for IDML file
Added replace numbers function
Changed settings Dialog Box
Added changing 55 Roman Font style for IDML file
Improved Spell check function